What is a “preferred partner”?

If you are in need of a professional energy auditor and choose not to do it yourself, you can find a professional auditor in our energy auditor listings. You will find a professional auditor’s contact information, in addition to the areas they serve and specialties offered.

By default, EnergyAudits.net is proud to bring you all the listings made available to us.

A “Preferred Partner” of EnergyAudits.net is an auditor who we recognize as a leader in energy auditing, energy efficiency, homeowner education, and qualified energy repairs. With these partners, you can feel comfortable knowing that your home will be inspected accurately and you will be treated to the highest level of customer service.  As such, EnergyAudits.net recommends selecting a preferred partner.

For Professional Auditors…

If you are a professional auditor and want to become a “preferred partner”, contact EnergyAudits.net.

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