Comparing the pro and starter energy calculators

Both the Professional and Starter versions of the Home Energy Audit Kit contain the innovative and easy to use energy costs calculator. This calculator makes it very easy to see how much energy you and your home use, on a per appliance level and as a total of all the appliances in the house. Also, the calculator can give you daily, monthly (per billing cycle) and yearly costs for your home.

Both calculators can be used to estimate energy savings as well. For example, you can change some of the numbers, such as how many hours something like a light is used and see what your savings would be. You could also change the energy rating to see your savings. Thus, you can answer a question such as:

“Which would save me more money, replacing my bulb with a lower energy one or just using it less?”

Both versions also contain user friendly drop down menus, so you can easily select the type of appliance or item you measured as a result of your energy audit. For example, TV, fans, A/C, DVD player, etc are all options. You can also add your own notes and observations, if you wish.

The Pro version will also give you the opportunity to see your energy usage in a graph (pie chart). Now, you can see how much of your energy dollar is going to each main energy area. For example, you might find out that 24% of your energy bill goes to heating and cooling, 32% goes to lights, 22% goes to cooking, 4% to entertainment devices like TVs and DVD players, etc. You don’t have to do any additional calculations. All you have to do is enter your energy usage normally into the calculator.

Note: The starter version does not have this feature.

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